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No More Printing Costs

Save your pocket money and meet eco-friendly alternatives with the QRmenu with much lower pricing options compared to printing menus via the printing house.

Always Current Menu

Thanks to the management panel, which is one of the advantages of the QRmenu, you can update the prices of your menu on your own or in the name of your business, and you can instantly expand your product range by adding new products.

Better Quality Presentation

Your QR menu always provides your customers with a desirable product experience with its appetizing colors and vivid visuals, against the wear or deformation of the printed menus.

Lightening Workload

By shortening the time it takes for your waiters to bring menus and take orders, you can both focus your attention on the quality of the product and alleviate the workload of your employees.

Profitable Service

Focus on quality products and customer satisfaction by having all the conveniences provided by the QR menu at an affordable price with the annual rental fee.

Version check

Transitions between versions are planned.

Bug tracking

Our error management system is systematic.

Friendly support

We fulfill your requests within the same day.

Integration capability

Our software is suitable for integrations.