Search Engine Optimization

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Keyword analysis

Ranking of your content in search engines, your organic traffic and availability will be possible thanks to keyword analysis, which is the most important part of SEO.

Availability of Website

The software and all technical controls of the website are analyzed in detail by our software engineers, ensuring that users receive the highest quality service.

As Teknoritim, we increase your performance with our current SEO analysis versions.

Competitor analysis

With a planned SEO research, the activities and strategies of companies that are similar in the market are examined, and your competitors' SEO plans, contacts and roadmaps are determined.

As a result of our research, we determine the methods that will provide advantage to your company and support them with appropriate strategies.

Detailed reporting

All work done on the website is followed up in detail and reported. The results are examined in detail and developments are closely monitored by our expert team through search engine tools. Reports are created taking into account various factors of your site and presented to our customers in an understandable way.

  • Organic Traffic Flow
  • Conversion Rate and Revenue
  • Page Level Traffic
  • Page Speed
  • Time Spent on Site and Bounce Rate
  • Rankings and Links
  • Future Recommendations and Implementation Plan

Support Friendliness

We will be with you with a happy and smiling team for all kinds of web-based applications. We all love what we do and we work with you to produce valuable things.

Version check

Transitions between versions are planned.

Bug tracking

Our error management system is systematic.

Friendly support

We fulfill your requests within the same day.

Integration capability

Our software is suitable for integrations.